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These are a few of our favorite things


We all want our little angels to get the best possible care. And with good
care we need the best products. After many years of trial and error with
different products, we have found our favorites! Below you will find
products that we use, love and recommend.  From grooming, potty training,
travel and more. We hope this helps your family find the best products for
your needs. We're sure you will enjoy these products as much as we do.



Tear Stains, Eye Envy: A great tear stain treatment for puppies or adults

and it has an adorable cavalier on it. www.eyeenvy.com

Teeth cleaning, PetZLife: Can be purchased through Amazon for best price.

Top Performance Fresh Scent Shampoo: Purchased through Amazon or Pet Edge.

Jason's Shampoo: This can be purchased at Sprouts or on Amazon. Our favorite
is Jason's Kids Only Extra Gentle Shampoo, Chamomile and Marigold.

Wen Conditioning Shampoo: for making deodorizing spray and conditioning. Wen
can be purchase on Amazon. This is for people but we like to use it on our
Cavaliers as well. Be careful, your whole family may fall in love with this

Heavenly Ears Cleaner: Never have another ear infection caused by moisture
again. The gentle solution will clean, heal and freshen the ears. After the
ears have been treated and dry, the lavender oil will continue to heal and
fight bacteria and the ears will be left with the lovely scent of lavender.
We think you will love it as much as we do. With no added dyes to stain
clothes, hair or fabrics, we would love for you to compare to your current
ear solution! Can be purchase with us here at Maelynn Cavaliers $6.

Greyhound comb: This handy comb works wonderfully for working out mats or
just brushing down deep enough to keep mats away. This handy comb can be
found on Amazon.

Boar Hair Bristle Brush: We like the brand of Mason Pearson but you can find
this brush cheaper through other makers. This great little brush helps draw
out your dog's natural oils from their body to make their coat shiny and

Potty Training


Potty Pellets for potty boxes: We use a horse feed ¼ inch alfalfa pellet.

Can be purchased at any horse feed supply.

Potty box: One of our favorite money saving tips is this one. You can spend
$25 on a potty box at the pet store or buy a clear plastic tub at Wal-Mart
in the plastic container section for $5.

Pooch Bells: To hang from your door for your doggy to have a bell to alert
you that they need to go outside.  <http://www.poochie-pets.net>
www.poochie-pets.net, Enter the code... charmcavs for free shipping.

Simple Solution: One of our favorite touch up cleaners. Found in the pet
section at Wal-Mart, pet stores and Amazon.



Favorite water bowl, W ater Hole,: this bowl is wonderful for keeping those
long cavalier ears from getting wet and then getting your whole house wet.
Although this bowl is made for travel as it keeps the water from splashing
out while driving, it is our bowl of choice around the house as well. This
bowl can be purchased online through Amazon or through Camping World.


Travel Bag, Sturdibag: The best travel bag money can buy. We highly
recommend this bag and it is great as a carry-on flight pet carrier. We like
it in size X- Large so they have room to grow into it. It squishes down for
carry-on for flights. http://sturdiproducts.com/ , or on Amazon.

Other Favorites

Jeffers Pet: This website is wonderful for buying your puppy items. They
have the best prices around. http://www.jefferspet.com/

Favorite Cavalier Book
The Cavalier King Charles
Spaniel, in Fact and Fancy by Barbara Garnett-Wilson. Can be
purchased from the publisher on Amazon. Look for Cascade Publishing as the
seller. It is usually the least expensive and mine came signed this way!
Many of our Cavaliers are relatives to Cavaliers in this bookJ Our girl
Bellas daddy is featured twice in the book.

Show info site: Jack Bradshaw, http://www.jbradshaw.com/

Charming Cache Cavaliers

Kimberly Thompson of Charming Cache Cavaliers is a very good friend of
Maelynn Cavaliers and an ethical breeder with the highest of quality and
standards. If we cannot provide you with a puppy, please contact Charming
Cache Cavaliers at www.charmingcavaliers.com.